AUGUST 2019: Nathan Schoepp was awarded the Baxter Young Investigator Award, which is given for outstanding research work that aligns with Baxter’s mission of saving and sustaining patients’ lives.

JUNE 2019: Tahmineh Khazaei won the Reddy Award, which is given to the graduating female Ph.D. candidate in the Division of Biology & Biological Engineering who has produced the outstanding thesis in the biological sciences for the past year.

JUNE 2019: Asher Preska Steinberg won the McCoy Award. The Herbert Newby McCoy Award recognizes the most outstanding achievements in research by a graduate student in Chemistry.

MAY 2019: Tahmineh Khazaei, Nathan Schoepp and Justin Rolando successfully defended their theses (all three in the same week!)

MAY 2019: Nathan Schoepp was awarded New England Biolabs’ Passion in Science Award. This award recognizes those within the scientific community working to solve many of today’s challenges: the “unsung heroes” of the laboratory, who are dedicated to their cause. Listen to the NEB interview with Nathan here!

APRIL 2019: Asher Preska Steinberg successfully defended his thesis. Asher has accepted a postdoctoral position at NYU (Kussell Lab).

SEPTEMBER 2018: Asher Preska Steinberg was chosen as the first Caldwell CEMI Graduate Fellow, which is awarded to graduate students doing exciting interdisciplinary research that has the potential to benefit society.

SEPTEMBER 2018: Graduate students Tahmineh Khazaei and Asher Preska Steinberg were each awarded CEMI grants for their proposed research projects.

AUGUST 2018: Our proposal on IBD research won the Kenneth Rainin Innovator Award.

JULY 2018: Grad student Jacob Barlow was invited to join the Biotechnology Leadership Training Program. The BLP is sponsored by the National Institute of General Medical Sciences at NIH (T32GM112592) with additional support provided by Caltech's Rosen Bioengineering Center.

MAY 2018: Ismagilov Lab has been awarded a grant by CARB-X (Combating Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria) to develop a rapid, phenotypic antibiotic susceptibility test (AST) for Neisseria gonorrhoeae, which is high on the WHO’s Priority Bacterial Pathogens list. This CARB-X project will build upon the digital AST (dAST) that was invented in Ismagilov Lab (see Schoepp et al. 2017 and Schoepp et al. 2016). The dAST uses ultrasensitive detection of changes in nucleic acids to determine whether a pathogen is susceptible to a particular antibiotic. Current lab members who have contributed to this work or will be contributing to this work include (in alphabetical order): Jacob Barlow, Matthew Curtis, Erik Jue, Tahmineh Khazaei, Eugenia Khorosheva, Eric Liaw, Emily Savela, and Nathan Schoepp. JOIN US! We are seeking additional talented students and postdocs to join this project.  Please see our POSITIONS page.

NOVEMBER 2017: Grad student Nathan Schoepp and recent graduate Travis Schlappi won the Silver at the Collegiate Inventors Competition.

OCTOBER 2017: Postdoc Daan Witters and grad student Erik Jue won the Hochuen Portable Microfluidic Award at microTAS 2017.

AUGUST 2017: Grad student Travis Schlappi successfully defended his PhD thesis and accepted a position as an assistant professor in the School of Applied Life Sciences at Keck Graduate Institute.

MAY 2017: Post-doc Octavio Mondragon-Palomino was awarded a Burroughs Wellcome Fund CASI (Career Awards at the Science Interface).

MARCH 2017: Grad students Mary Arrastia and Lealia Xiong received NSF fellowships.

FEBRUARY 2017: Grad student Travis Schlappi won the Diagnostics World Early Innovator award for his presentation on the digital antibiotic-susceptibility test (dAST) being developed in the lab.

FEBRUARY 2017: Post-doc Sujit Datta accepted a tenure-track faculty position at Princeton University.



Below are news articles, features, and highlights that explain our results to the broader scientific community and the general public.

"First Line of Defense" link
Caltech Matters, April 2019

"Large dietary fibre molecules change gut microbiome" link
New Food Magazine, 2/30/19

"Dietary Fiber Helps Clump Material in Your Gut" link
Caltech Daily News, 2/20/19

" Rapid urine test could reduce unnecessary antibiotic use" link
Harvard Women's Health Watch, 1/2018

" 'Digital' Nucleic Acid Amplification Shows Promise for Rapid Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing" link
360Dx, 10/13/17

"Caltech Researchers Create Test That Reveals Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria in 30 Minutes" link
Caltech Daily News, 10/4/17

"Mining the microbial dark matter:
Microbiologists are finding new ways to explore the vast universe of unknown microbes in the hunt for antibiotics"

Nature, 6/18/15 link, pdf

"Microbes Help Produce Serotonin in Gut" link
Caltech Daily News, 4/9/15
Elaine Hsiao, Liang Ma

"Immunology: Starve a fever, feed the microbiota" html
News and Views, Nature, 10/1/14 pdf (991 KB).
Said Bogatyrev

"Busted: Most-Wanted Microbe Captured by Microfluidic Cultivation" link
Science Life, University of Chicago, 6/27/14
Liang Ma, Mikhail A. Karymov, Jungwoo Kim

"Growing Unknown Microbes One by One" link
Caltech Daily News, 6/23/14**
Liang Ma, Mikhail A. Karymov, Jungwoo Kim

"Long-Term Sample Preservation On-Chip" link
Research Highlights, Lab on a Chip, 12/17/13
Stefano Begolo and Feng Shen

"Using $15M DARPA Award, Caltech Team Shows Robust Digital Isothermal PCR on 'SlipChip' Device" link
PCR Insider, 12/5/13
David A. Selck, Mikhail A. Karymov, Bing Sun

"SlipChip Counts Molecules with Chemistry and a Cell Phone" html
Caltech News, 11/15/13
David A. Selck, Mikhail A. Karymov, Bing Sun

"Medical Engineering: A Moral Obligation" pdf, html
ENGenious, 10/2013
David A. Selck, Mikhail A. Karymov, Bing Sun

"Rustem Ismagilov PhD '98: Chemist Thinking Really Small"pdf (392 KB), html
University of Wisconsin Alumni Association - Forward under 40, 3/2/12

"New Professor Uses Chemistry and Chemical Engineering to Make a Difference" pdf (521 KB), html
Caltech Today, 12/8/11

"Three Caltech Profs Get More Than $5 Million in Grants from the NSF" pdf (457 KB), html
Caltech Today, 11/16/11

"With a Twist, Chip Measures Viral Loads" pdf (500 KB)
Chemical & Engineering News, 10/18/11
Feng Shen, Bing Sun, Jason E. Kreutz, Toan Huynh, Wenbin Du

"Monitoring HIV on a Cheap Chip" pdf (361 KB), html
Technology Review, 10/18/11
Feng Shen, Bing Sun, Jason E. Kreutz, Toan Huynh, Wenbin Du

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